Autoderm AI Team

We're a creative team of researchers, engineers and medical doctors making open and safe solutions in the field of digital healthcare.

We want to solve Dermatology by 2030

EU Certificate MHRA Registration
Dr. Alexander Börve

Dr. Alexander Börve - CEO


Medical doctor and pioneer in digital dermatology with 20 years of experience in the field. I spun out Autoderm from my first online dermatology company First Derm. I am a PhD candidate and continue my research with publications in peer review journals such as Nature. Along the entrepreneurial journey I have become an expert in regulatory of medical device software. In 2010 I set up the Stockholm Health 2.0 chapter and I'm a Techstars mentor.

Lucas Thil

Lucas Thil - CTO


AI engineer, data science and software development. I hold a master and bachelor degree in these fields from Maastricht University, and I was the recipient of the 2019 trophy from the IBM's quantum challenge, with peer-reviewed research in Large Action Models with reinforcement learning methods. My experience combines the aforementioned fields with a focus on bringing novel research to practical, domain-wide applications.

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