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Billed monthly based on usage: 100 free calls, then $1USD per API call

$ 100.00 USD
All Analytics Features
Javascript Template
Normal Support
Single API Key


Billed monthly based on usage: 100 free calls, then $2USD per API call

$ 200.00 USD
Everything on Basic plan
License to resell to third parties
Unlimited API calls
Premium Support
Customer UI invite link
10 API keys


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Everything on Enterprise plan
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Frequently Asked Questions

Autoderm is at the forefront of revolutionizing dermatology consultations. Leveraging cutting-edge AI technology, we specialize in providing fast and accurate dermatological answers through our innovative platform and API services.


Does Autoderm offers free trials?

You can sign up and test the AI models from your browsers. You are limited to ten model calls per day on this base plan. To unlock more capabilities, please consider upgrading.


What is the customer UI invite link?

On the enterprise and custom plans, you can send a shareable link to let a guest use the AI models from an interface. If you are a medical professional, this means you can reach out to patients and let them upload images to interact with the different AI models.


Why choose Autoderm?

Autoderm offers expertise in dermatology, having our AI models CE marked class 1 as medical devices. Our AI models, built on advanced deep learning, screens for 73 different skin diseases types with exceptional accuracy. Our versatile API seamlessly integrates into your platform, or your workflow from your web browser, offering a user-friendly experience and empowering you with reliable dermatology analytics. Trained over a million smartphone images, our models represent 90% of common public skin concerns, ensuring comprehensive coverage.


Do you offer discounts for non-profits?

We support impact and research solutions. Contact us to explore how we can help you in your research initiative or distributing