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With our growing proprietary database of images, we keep getting faster and more accurate. The Autoderm® API is well documented and simple to use: from a single image obtain the most likely skin conditions and take informed decisions. Gear your organization in simple steps:


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Introducing: DPU (coming soon)

The Dermatology Processing Unit (DPU) is Autoderm's finest contribution to the field by combining a decisional framework to its vast proprietary database of dermatological processes and images.

Intelligent Dermatology Pathways

Revolutionize your decision making processes by leveraging multimodal AI, to bring your organization top efficiency, at a fraction of market prices.

Get patients the right actions

The DPU goes beyond traditional frameworks and exchanges with patients humanly to understand their backgrounds and history.

AI autoresponders

Automate patient communication, generate reports, streamline the prescription creation process: Autoderm's DPU gets you covered in a wide range of tasks in no time, and with unmatched accuracy and safety.

Autoderm is Clinically Approved in the EU & UK 🇪🇺🇬🇧

Ensures the Autoderm® AI technology meets EU standards for medical device safety and quality in dermatology. Compliance with UK regulatory requirements, affirming the safety and efficacy of the AI application in dermatology healthcare.

FDA Breakthrough Device Designation 🇺🇸

The FDA has granted this product a breakthrough designation in the USA. Currently, it's not marketed in the USA and should only be used for demonstration with "test images", not on US residents.

Certification and Compliance: Autoderm® Meets EU Market Regulations 🇪🇺

Autoderm is a Class-1 regulated medical device in the European Market which successfully passed clinical trials.

EU Certificate MHRA Registration

Client Feedback: Success Stories using the Autoderm® API

"Autoderm is a perfect example on how AI should work for the provider "

"Autoderm is a perfect example on how AI should work for the provider – instantaneously and it gives you the option to make a decision. What I really like is that the AI proposes diagnosis that I did not think about, which guides me in the right direction to make the best possible informed decisions for the patient."

Dr Ulf Österstad
Operations Manager - Leading digital healthcare transformation, Bra Liv nära - Sweden

"It is really good. Our workflow on skin concern has been speeded up and we feel more confident helping patients with skin concerns."

Swedish Doctor
Head of Medicine, Swedish Telemedicine client

"The #1 analytics AI-Tech"

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Jane Watts
Growth Marketer at Youtube
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"The next-gen AI analytics tool"

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Andrea Miles
Analytics Lead at Google
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