Autoderm is at the forefront of revolutionizing dermatology consultations. Leveraging cutting-edge AI technology, we specialize in providing fast and accurate dermatological answers through our innovative platform and API services.

Why Choose Autoderm?

Autoderm offers expertise in dermatology, having our AI models CE marked class 1 as medical devices. Our AI models, built on advanced deep learning and convolutional neural networks, screens for 73 different skin diseases types with exceptional accuracy. Our versatile API seamlessly integrates into your platform, or your workflow from your web browser, offering a user-friendly experience and empowering you with reliable dermatology analytics. Trained over a million smartphone images, our models represent 90% of common public skin concerns, ensuring comprehensive coverage.

Empowering Diverse Platforms

Autoderm’s API can enhance a variety of services, including:

Easy and Efficient API Integration

Integrating our API is a breeze – taking an average of only 4 hours: implementation and testing. Plus, you have the freedom to design your own end-user experience. We offer quick support and personalized assistance.

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Autoderm in Action

Our technology is not just theoretical. It's been successfully applied in real-world scenarios, such as in a study conducted in Uganda, its succesful usage in hospital in Sweden, or a publication in Nature. We also possess a CE medical device class 1 and MHRA certifications.

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At Autoderm, we're committed to bridging the gap between technology and healthcare, providing accessible, accurate, and swift dermatological answers. Join us in this journey to revolutionize dermatology care.