Diseases Covered

What conditions do we cover?

Each new model iteration includes additional diseases while enhancing the accuracies of the previous generation. Our latest model autoderm_v2_2 covers 73 different conditions.

We highly recommend you to use our latest, most performat model which not only offers a highest range of supported conditions, but also faster inference time, user experience compability by detected non-supported images or better data quality to cite a few. Previous models covered less: 68 conditions for autoderm_v2_1 and 56 for autoderm_v1.

If you want the detailed list of conditions supported for each model, you can query it through the /v1/classifications command and passing the model name as parameter. Below is a code example:

Note: All supported conditions have been carefully developed throughout the years with a team of certified dermatologists, public health actors and telehealth organizations alongside our machine learning team.

                import requests
                import os

                API_URL = "https://autoderm.ai/v1/classifications?model=autoderm_v2_2"

                # send the query
                response = requests.get(

                # get the JSON data returned
                data = response.json()


                print(f'Found total of {len(data)} predictions')


Interested in more conditions?

Reach out to us by email, and we'll be happy to inform you and explore together research paths.

We are actively working in making significant jumps in the conditions to support, including in geographical regions where research and data is underrepresented in current AI approaches.

Conditions supported by autoderm_v2_2's model

You can also download the file here.