News: Research Talk at Vitalis

Different Skin Tones

Dr. Börve will be speaking at Vitalis, the Nordic region's leading meeting place for the health, care and welfare of the future. Vitalis 2024 begins with an Opening Keynote on Monday 13 May, followed by the conference program and exhibition on 14-16 May. Welcome to the Swedish Fair in Gothenburg.

He was part of a study that evaluated the performance of a machine learning (ML) model designed to diagnose various skin conditions compared to General Practitioners (GPs) and teledermatology (TD) dermatologists. It involves 100 patients with skin issues in central Catalonia, Spain, from June to October 2021. GPs initially assess the skin problem, followed by the ML model's analysis and a TD dermatologist's diagnosis based on the uploaded image.

Most GPs find the ML model useful as a diagnostic support tool, aiding in both differential and final diagnoses of skin lesions. This aligns with similar studies and underscores the importance of clinician involvement in model training and the potential for ML models to assist GPs in differential diagnosis.

The study's uniqueness lies in the use of only a smartphone without additional hardware for taking dermatology pictures.

Dr. Alexander Börve, an expert in digital dermatology and CEO & Founder of Autoderm Inc., leads the research. With years of experience in the field, Dr. Börve has published extensively on digital health, particularly in dermatology, contributing significantly to the field and public health. He is recognized as a speaker on digital health topics and is actively involved in regulatory aspects of medical device software.